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Anthem Full Gameplay Demo — E3 Best Action Game Winner

2 меc назад

Lead Producer Ben Irving takes us through a 20-minute Anthem gameplay demonstration, originally shown at the E3 hands-on showcase. Discover more about ...

Anthem: NEW GAMEPLAY TRAILER! | Storm & Interceptor Gameplay! Demo Release Date!

2 нед назад

Discussing New Anthem info revealed at the Pax: Enemy Factions, new Gear, and the Demo (Beta) Release date! As well as a new Anthem Gameplay Trailer!

Anthem Gameplay Features – Our World, My Story Trailer

2 нед назад

At the heart of Anthem is the concept of Our World, My Story – the distinctive combination of a shared, dynamic world and a personal story. Discover how these ...

Anthem Official Cinematic Trailer (2018)

3 меc назад

On a world left unfinished by the gods, humanity struggles to survive in a savage environment. Equipped with incredible Javelin exosuits, a faction known as the ...

4 Minutes of Anthem Open World Co-Op Exploration Gameplay - E3 2018

3 меc назад

Director Jon Warner takes us on an adventure with four players as they traverse the open world of Anthem in this gameplay demo. Watch more from E3 2018 ...

Anthem Official Gameplay Reveal (2017)

1 лет назад

See more of Anthem at EA Play on June 9th: In Anthem™, a new shared-world action-RPG from EA's BioWare studio, team up ...

Anthem Update: EARLY ACCESS Release Date! - Special Events! - Beta Info!

3 нед назад

Discussing New Information about Anthem's Early Access Release Date, Beta Info, new info on Events in Anthem, Post-Launch content, and more!

27 Things You Missed from Anthem's PAX Trailer - Rewind Theater

2 нед назад

Here's everything you may have missed from Anthem's "Our World, My Story" trailer! 27 New Anthem Details We Learned From BioWare: ...

Anthem | Faction Functions & Lore (New Info)

6 дн назад

Today we dive deep into four of Anthem's primary factions! Sources ...

Anthem | The Storm Javelin (What We Know)

1 нед назад

DESIGN BY HUMANS* Looking for some custom Mo Merch? My DBH store is live and loaded with hoodies, ...

Anthem Gameplay: New Gameplay of Bioware's Anthem from E3 2018

3 меc назад

Point your eyes at new Anthem gameplay unveiled at E3 2018, which shows off more of the shared-world action RPG from Bioware. Make sure to check the four ...


1 меc назад

Discussing New Information about Anthem's all of the content you'll be able to do in Anthem, and how you'll progress your character! → ALL PREVIOUS ...

Anthem - Downgrade Concerns: Bioware Responds! New Creature Info! New Gameplay Details!

2 нед назад

We have some brand new Anthem news and updates, including new gameplay details and a response about downgrades. Plus, Bioware responds about Mass ...

ANTHEM HANDS ON! - New Gameplay! - First Impressions! - New Info!

3 меc назад

Showcasing a brand new Anthem Gameplay from the EA Play 2018 reveal, and talking about my Hands-On time playing Anthem! → COMPLETE SPIRE OF ...

Anthem $80 pre-order Legion of Dawn Edition

6 дн назад

I am doing it! You can't stop me! I need those skins! Anthem Forums: Support me through patreon! Or ...

Anthem | New Info! Interceptor, Ripstream & Crafting

4 нед назад

Sadly we did not get any new game play but we did at least get a few little bits of info from Jon Warner *DESIGN BY HUMANS* ...

Bioware Responds to Backlash After Implying Anthem Will Heavily Influence Mass Effect & Dragon Age

19 ча назад TOP PATRONS [CIPHER] ...

Anthem | The Interceptor Javelin (What We Know)

2 нед назад

Let's take a look at this speed potential packed Javelin and just what we know so far Sources ...

123 Rapid Fire Questions About Anthem

3 меc назад

Game Informer's Joe Juba interviews Anthem's executive producer Mark Darrah at BioWare and asks him as many questions as he can about the gameplay, ...

Anthem Update: FREE LEGENDARY WEAPON? - Early Beta Access! - Endgame Info!

3 меc назад

Discussing New Information about Anthem's Pre-Order Bonuses, and Endgame info after the EA Play 2018 reveal, where we got new Gameplay and a new ...

4 New Things We Learned About ANTHEM

2 нед назад

Here's a look at some of the new information about ANTHEM from this weekend's PAX West panel. If you enjoyed the video, don't forget to hit LIKE and leave a ...